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I have been listening to your records for about 14+ years or so. I was wondering what you are doing now days, and started to look for you on the net and found your website. It’s good to see that you are still rocking, and planning a release of your new records. I can’t wait. Keep up the good work, and when you are planning any tour…….come to holland.

Denny, The Netherlands

Hi Dave,
Just wanted to show appreciation for the listening pleasure over the years. I’ve really enjoyed your creations, and hope to enjoy them for many years to come.

Mark Smith, Glasgow, Scotland

WOW…I found this website by accident while reading Van Halen updates. Why have I never heard of this guy. He really can play. I love precision like this (Satriani/Vai, etc)….I can play fast and shred along with most, but this stuff is lightning quick and clean at the same time.

David Elton, Lake Oswego, Oregon

Great guitar work!! Found you only through researching the Van Halen tour!!

Debi McKibben, Annapolis, Maryland

I’ve been a fan since “1990″ and I’ve tried to follow your career ever since, which hasn’t been easy! Great to see the a website at long last and fantastic to hear that there’s new material due out soon. Can’t wait.

Hope to see those flying fingers in Scotland sometime

Alan, Fife, Scotland

Great playing Mr. Sharman, respect!!
Hope to see you perform live one day!
“Trucker” reminded me of Patrick Rondat’s early days, and that is a compliment!!

Keep up the good work!!

Björn, Flanders/Belgium

Hey I hope you read this, I heard you when I was a child, I will never forget the first time I listened 1990 album, it is amazing

Just want to say hello and keep on going.

Oscar Yin, Spain

So glad you’re still making music, i’ll never forget the first time i heard you on the Tommy Vance show, you are and will always be the best bro. Keep Rockin!

Daniel Keady, Manchester

I’ve been a huge fan ever since your first album 1990 and one of my favourite tracks of all time is Andromeda from Exit Within, thanks for all the great music, looking forward to hearing the new stuff!

Andrew Berry, London

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