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I’ve recently discovered your music and I think you are really talented and have a fantastic phrasing. Another thing I just love about you is your guitar sound, It’s Amazing.


Back in 1990, my brother bought me a copy of the album 1990, and we were both completely enthralled! Lightning fast playing with utter precision, but more importantly, amazing and beautiful songwriting! I found a couple of websites that talked about Exit Within and Here N Now, but never found a copy. Over the years, I would occasionally do a search on Dave Sharman, but to no avail, and several years ago had given up. Today I was skimming through and found the Best Of… albums for sale — with tracks from the other two albums! This prompted me to look for an official website; wow! I can’t wait to hear the Best Of… albums, and am even more excited to hear the new studio album! Welcome back, Dave! We missed you!

Michael Durham,

I like a lot your riff’s complemented with speed lick’s that’s real shred metal. Keep on making great guitar work

Jaime Chapa, Mexico

Love your playing and have been following since I bought your first album in 1990, of which it is still one of my favorites!

Scott Dexter, Kentucky

It seems like aeons ago since I first head Spellbinder on the Friday Rock Show. I was totally blown away with that session (I only wish I could track down a copy of those songs today). I loved the 1990 CD & bought the Exit Within & Graphic CD’s as well. It’s awesome stuff.

Ramses, Glasgow, Scotland

Your album “Exit Within” is the only album i bought after hearing Yngwie play(his albums). And you play awesome, especially my favourite “Andromeda”

ShanDave Dass, Malaysia

You`re a great guitarrist, thanks for your music.

Polaris18, Costa Rica

i like u r album Exit Within. the song “home”, u great guitarlist.u best of best.

ig.Jung, South Korea

Hi Dave; You are an incredible guitar player and I hope you do a US tour soon. Looking forward to your new album.

Mark Phillips, Athens, GA

with all the garbage that takes up the airwaves from 50 cent to hanna montana it is very refreshing to hear someone with such monumental talent such as Dave Sharman

Donnie, United States

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