Dave Sharman

In response to all the questions Dave has received over the years on guitar technique, tips, tricks and all things guitar, we are really excited to announce that Dave will be launching his ‘Triple T Guitar School’ early 2014. Sign up to Dave’s mailing list now for access to exclusive content available only to those signed up. Suitable for all levels, learn online 1-2-1 with Dave to  build Speed, Strength and Dexterity. Sign up for free unique access to Dave’s most exciting Tips, Tricks and Techniques. Chat with Dave himself.    


As promised, here is the performance video of Dave’s much loved tapping tour-de-force ‘Andromeda’ taken from his second studio album ‘Exit Within‘. Available now on iTunes or the Dave Sharman Store. Click on the heading to view.


Rocktopia has reviewed Dave’s new album ‘Evolution Machine’ as most impressive! Editor James Gaden says “Sometimes guitarists left to their own devices can go off on too many tangents, but here I think Dave Sharman has captured the balance of creative indulgence and cohesion very well. Most impressive!” Follow the link for the full review:  


How would you like to have a one to one private guitar lesson with Dave Sharman? Find ways to improve on your technique and increase your overall ability. Dave will also give you his know how on speed, strength and dexterity building exercises whilst running you through some of his most exciting tips n’ tricks, all designed to help you unlock your true potential … If the answer is YES! then all you need is a computer, a Skype connection and a guitar! Email for details!