Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears … plug in your guitars & turn up those amps. This is the first ‘official’ blog entry from Dave Sharman. Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘‘who the heck is this guy?’’ and you’re perfectly entitled to do so, so let me introduce myself… Firstly, like most of you I am a big fan of music with a huge passion for guitar, I am also a carbon based life form originating from planet Earth, approximately 4.5 billion years in the making (not the 6,000 some people might have us believe), to all …


The completely revamped official Dave Sharman website is now live! Featuring a brand new ‘Talk To Dave’ page, especially for you (the fans) to ask Dave questions on all things guitar, music and technique, for audio chats with him, tab giveaways and catch videos of Dave talking about pretty much whatever he wants! Dave also shares his thoughts in his new blog. There is a new “Official” Dave Sharman store, exclusively featuring all of his previous album releases including the classic ‘1990’ and follow ups ‘Exit Within’ and ‘Here ‘N’ Now’. A big thank you to Andrew Apanov and his …