My thoughts…by Dave Sharman: Lend Me Your Ears

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Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears … plug in your guitars & turn up those amps. This is the first ‘official’ blog entry from Dave Sharman. Now I know what you’re thinking – ‘‘who the heck is this guy?’’ and you’re perfectly entitled to do so, so let me introduce myself…

Firstly, like most of you I am a big fan of music with a huge passion for guitar, I am also a carbon based life form originating from planet Earth, approximately 4.5 billion years in the making (not the 6,000 some people might have us believe), to all ‘those’ crackpots, please come back another time, preferably after you’ve taken some medication.

Secondly, in my opinion, music should always do it’s best to move, affect and inspire you somehow, whether it’s got a good beat, strong melody, interesting bass line or whatever, I really couldn’t care if it was Acid Rock, Britpop, Country, Death Metal, Electronica, Funk or Goth and that’s the bottom line, great music is great music no matter what style or genre and there’s plenty of it about if you’re just prepared to open your ears and take a look. Most of the stuff I grew up on can best be defined as classic or progressive rock with heavy metal leanings and I’m glad to say that most of these bands are still very much alive & kicking today, in fact two of them, Rush & Van Halen, are currently on tour with their latest albums. Over the years I’ve cast my net a little wider and now you’ll find everything from Michael Jackson to Mahler, Rachmaninov to Rage Against The Machine amongst my CD collection.

Now, don’t get me wrong there’s still a lot of mind bogglingly awful stuff out there too with it’s lifeless mix of bland and mediocrity saturating our airwaves, unfortunately we live in a world where the industry ‘bigwigs’ and their generally brain dead personnel still have somewhat of a say on who gets to be heard, seen and sold on to the masses. So what’s the point here? Well, the point is there’s hope and that’s all that matters and if music were indeed the food of love then read on my friends, read on…