So, after a wait of nearly 15 years they finally nominate Rush for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame huh? This is a band close to 40 years in show business with 20 studio albums and a worldwide fanbase bordering on the near fanatical, most of whom couldn’t give a stuff about the so-called¬† ‘popularity’ contest that is the RNRHOF (an institution lacking any serious credibility due to some it’s past ‘inductees’ whilst still leaving the likes of Kiss & Journey wanting). Whether 2013 actually finds Geddy, Alex & Neil in the hall or not actually means little to …

Dave Sharman

Do you believe in fate? There are some who believe we all have a pre-ordained destiny and things are already mapped out long before we get here. Ever wondered about life, the universe and everything? Of course you have, as these are fundamental questions we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another, yet it’s so easy to get swept along with the hectic routines and general comings n’ goings of our busy lives. We actually don’t get a lot of time to figure out who we actually are or what it is we really want to do in the …