My thoughts…by Dave Sharman: Fate?

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Do you believe in fate? There are some who believe we all have a pre-ordained destiny and things are already mapped out long before we get here. Ever wondered about life, the universe and everything? Of course you have, as these are fundamental questions we’ve all asked ourselves at one time or another, yet it’s so easy to get swept along with the hectic routines and general comings n’ goings of our busy lives. We actually don’t get a lot of time to figure out who we actually are or what it is we really want to do in the short time we’re here.

Have you ever thought about how the average human lifespan occupies nothing more than a tiny slice of time between two vast chasms? I have, I must have been about 12 when I decided I was somehow going to try and make a living from music, now it hasn’t always been plain sailing, especially when I realized you have to find a way to incorporate the ‘music” to the ‘biz’ side of things, but I’m a staunch optimist and if you really want something bad enough the universe sort of conspires to give it to you (this includes the people you will meet & those you cross paths with unexpectedly along the way, or so you think…) confused? Go read ‘The Alchemist’.

Now, Andrew Apanov (main-man of web design & marketing agency Dotted Music) is a person who definitely fits this bill, he came along at precisely the time we were looking to entrust someone with the complete overhaul and re-branding of my web presence. He has been nothing less than exemplary to work with and a man with uncanny attention to detail (comparable to even that of my beautiful wife Sailaja), they make quite a formidable team, some of the emails they have exchanged could fill an entire encyclopedia! The results of which I think are clearly visible in this new website, so until next time …