My thoughts…by Dave Sharman: Rush

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So, after a wait of nearly 15 years they finally nominate Rush for the Rock ‘N’ Roll Hall Of Fame huh? This is a band close to 40 years in show business with 20 studio albums and a worldwide fanbase bordering on the near fanatical, most of whom couldn’t give a stuff about the so-called  ‘popularity’ contest that is the RNRHOF (an institution lacking any serious credibility due to some it’s past ‘inductees’ whilst still leaving the likes of Kiss & Journey wanting).

Whether 2013 actually finds Geddy, Alex & Neil in the hall or not actually means little to me or the millions who have grown up with their music, Rush has never been about being the most ‘popular’, ‘cool’ or  ‘fashionable’ which seem to be the most important criteria to the RNRHOF.

  • Whiskey1959

    Pretty much preaching to the converted here Dave. Two of my favourite bands are Black Sabbath & Rush both of whom have made it on their own terms not with little or no help from the established media but in spite of almost overwhelming unfair & negative criticism. I take a proud & perverse pleasure in being a fan of the most “uncool” of bands. Fortunately there are millions like me. :-)

  • hegesias

    Who gives a flying fish what the Corporate Culture Rock n Roll Hall of Shame thinks.