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Andromeda settings
Asked by Dave Sharman | 1691 days ago

Hi Dave,

I have always loved Andromeda since I first got your album in the mid nineties. I finally started playing guitar again after not playing for 15 years. Just bought the tab for it.

What effects/amp settings do you use for Andromeda?

Cheers, Chris

Hi Chris, thanks for the message and sorry for the late reply. For Andromeda you can use a simple delay pedal such as a Boss DD-3 or DD-7. Set your amp to a clean setting with just enough bite so as not to distort. For the delay, you will need to set the rate to 400ms with the feedback to approximately 7 repeats, making sure the delay decays at a comfortable enough rate to minimise interference as you play the track. Glad you’re back again after 15 years! keep practising and all the best for the future. 

Asked by Dave Sharman | 1691 days ago

hi dave – maybe i’m your oldest admirer at nearly 63 years young?! but my jackson keeps me going,haha!
I remember buying your 1st lp way back when it came out and thinking – at last, someone this side of the water to show the yanks how to play! (apart from jeff beck of course).
who was/is your main influence and when are you coming to the Isle of Skye !!!???
Seriously, I love your music and long may you produce such fantastic sounds.
all the best – don

Thank you for the kind words Don! The furthest north I’ve ever ventured is Thurso so at some point I’ll have to get myself down to the Isle of Skye!!

In answer to your question: I would have to cite Eddie Van Halen as the first guitar player to have a major impact on me. With those early Van Halen albums he really pushed the boundaries on how the instrument could be used sonically as well as artistically. His use of the whammy bar and the two handed tapping technique was innovative, no one had done anything like it at the time, and ‘Eruption’ still sounds awesome today!

Rush’s Alex Lifeson is another player who creates a very unique sound world, his use of textures, layering and chord progressions are essential to the musical landscape of the band.

Neal Schon from Journey has great feel and I’ve always liked his tone, he’s one of the few players I’ve heard who uses speed tastefully and within emotional context rather than just to impress for the sake of it. I’m also a big fan of Frank Marino, especially his stuff with Mahogany Rush and ‘The Power of rock n’ roll’ album. He has to be one of the most underrated players in history and one of the best in my opinion.

Allen Collins together with Gary Rossington and Ed King from Lynyrd Skynyrd were players with great chops and inventive solos. You could say the same about Billy Gibbons, his rhythm guitar playing is an integral part of ZZ Top.

I’ve always a kind of had a soft spot for Ritchie Blackmore and the classical influence he brought to Deep Purple, if you think about it he was the pre-cursor to the neo classical shred players from the early 90’s, and ofcourse, how can we forget Mr. Malmsteen, together with Alan Holdsworth are two of the most amazing players.

Hope that helps Don, thank you very much for your support and keep playing that Jackson!! – Dave.