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No Question , Simply a compliment
Asked by Dave Sharman | 1892 days ago

Hey Dave , Just found you on Spotify , and it is very refreshing to find a an Artist of your calibre. Really great playing , great tracks , simply put…….just frickin good music .
I’m a solo Artist – who composes Guitar Instrumentals , my Artist name is – Attack With Style – I’m always on the look out for fellow English Guitarists on Spotify , so i’m glad i found you and i look forward to listening to all your Albums. I started with your first Album , it instantly got my attention.

Awesome to discover you bro

Ian Cahill

Hi Ian - Thank you so much for the kind words, nice to make your acquaintance and glad you like the music too! … Yes, Spotify is indeed a great place to discover new music and fellow artists. Have you heard of another streaming site called Deezer?, have also checked you out on youtube – ‘Attack With Style’, nice use of sound textures and melodic leads, extremely listenable! Keep up the good work bro, let me know when your album’s out.


Evolution Machine
Asked by Dave Sharman | 2002 days ago

Hello any dave sharman staff members I want to buy dave sharman music on cd because cd collector I already have it exit within here n now 1990 and best 1 best 2 on cd but I want the new full album on cd ? rauly

Hi Rauly,

Thanks for your question, we are considering making Evolution Machine available as a physical CD exclusively from the Dave Sharman store, i’ll make sure someone emails you as soon as that happens. Thanks for your support!