Neil Perry

The success of Steve Vai and Joe Satriani has established that there is a healthy market for instrumental guitar records, and if you’re a follower of unashamed fretboard indulgence then you’ll love Dave Sharman. Sharman is a guitar genius who came to light last year on Tommy Vance’s Friday Rockshow and was immediately signed up. He’s amazing, granted but what else can you say? ‘1990’ is eight tracks of impressive virtuosity with Sharman varying his tricks enough to keep you listening. The title track is the first and the best, an initial whammy bar explosion of deep growls and crackling radio voices leading into a driving avalanche of riffs best heard extremely loud in a fast car. ‘Atomic Chaser’ is funky, percussion fuelled and a positive guitar riot, and Sharman’s at his best when the whole style of the song moves away from a rock beat. ‘Southern Comfort’ starts with cool slide and crunches into a dirty and mean boogie, a mouth organ adding welcome contrast.

Neil Perry, Select Magazine