Stephen Sooter

I discovered you from the Dimarzio web site which had a sample of 1990 as a demo for one of their pickups. I was amazed by your playing, and I ordered that CD. Aside from your guitar playing, your tone on that CD is beautiful! – especially on Borrowed Time and on Atomic Chaser. I keep playing this CD. I don’t know if you played through an amp or used some digital direct recording, but it sounds great. I have tried to learn a little more about your playing, gear, any available tabs, tours if any (to California) etc. but have not found very much. As you might guess, I’m an amateur guitar player, and would love to learn more. In any case, I hope your musical career is going well. It seems like so many “musicians” who get air time, at least in the US today have very little skill, and its a treat to discover someone like yourself. Keep up the great work!

Stephen Sooter, California